Keeping kids warm and dry whilst skiing

17th May 2022 | by Crystal Ski Holidays


Happy children make for a happy skiing holiday, and few things are as likely to ruin your child’s day than being wet, cold and uncomfortable. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of top tips for making sure your kids stay snug and smiley on the slopes.

First off: Kitting out your kids for skiing needn’t cost the earth. Equipment (skis, poles and helmets) can be rented in resort, but you’ll need to get the right outer-clothing sorted before you go. If it’s your first time, consider borrowing kit from a friend or asking around for any hand-me-downs before investing in your own gear.

Family Skiing Top Tip:

Try and get children to try on a pair of ski boots before arriving in resort, and if possible, walk around in them for a bit. Make a game of how funny it is to walk in them so they’re not so alien on the first day.

If possible, try and bundle your luggage into one bag so it’s easier to collect.

Nothing can ruin a holiday quicker than cold toes and wet mitts so first on your list should be well fitting ski-specific socks and waterproof gloves (plus spares). 

  1. Protection – Many resorts wont allow children on the mountain without a helmet. Although you can rent them, you can’t guarantee the fit and quality. We strongly recommend that you buy a helmet and make sure that your child can fasten it correctly.
  2. Hats and Gloves – We all understand the importance of hats and gloves when it comes to keeping children warm in the snow. When choosing gloves, make sure that they cover the wrists, as exposure to cold air can cause a drop in body temperature. If you’re buying for smaller children, mitts are a great idea; they can offer extra warmth and are easier to put on.
  3. Eyes & Ears & Mouth & Nose – The suns rays are more intense in the mountains and damage occurs quickly due to the reflection from the snow. However young your child is, it’s essential to invest in a high factor sun cream and a pair of goggles to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays, wind and snow.
  4. Clever Clothing – The right combination of clothing will ensure that your child is warm, comfortable and happy. Start with a set of wicking base layers; they will provide extra warmth and help to move moisture away from the skin. Team them up with a comfortable fleece and an insulated waterproof jacket and pant with lots of pockets to house those essential items.

 And there we have it. A guide to having happy, warm, dry children on the slopes!

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