Tips for surviving travelling with little ones…

7th March 2022

Travelling will little ones in tow can be hard work, however with a little bit of forward planning it can be much more plain sailing (ok, maybe not PLAIN sailing, a few waves perhaps!)

Here are a few top tips to help make the build up to the holiday much more enjoyable…

Once you’ve picked your family break- whether it be the sunny beaches of Spain or the snow top mountains in the Alps, find out what’s available in your accommodation. Some holiday companies, (including TUI) offer the opportunity to hire strollers, high chairs, cots and all sorts of baby equipment in advance. This saves on vital luggage space so you can pop in an extra pair of flip flops or two (you can never have enough shoes, even on holiday!)

Insurance! From the moment you book, make sure you protect your family should any unforeseen events happen…

If you don’t want to run the risk of having liquids being confiscated or tested by security, you can often order items such as baby milk and baby food to be delivered to shops at the airport and then pick these up once you are through security. This could be a massive time saver and also prevent a meltdown at security (from you or your child).

There are various luggage companies available now that offer all sorts of weird and wonderful solutions for entertaining children at the airport. The ride on suitcases offer hours of fun but also can come in super handy to store all the entertainment you need for the plane.

Plane journeys can feel like a life time with a youngster (or two or three!) however making sure you’ve got something different to entertain them with every 15 minutes is a great way to break it down. This could be a book, toy, snack (avoid the sugar to prevent the crazy 15 minutes after) for the sake of you and the rest of the passengers! If all else fails, remember, there is always an Ipad! Just make sure you pre-load it with favourite programmes before leaving home and ensure it’s on airplane mode for the flight.

Once you land, if you have a young child its probably about the time they will fall asleep! Knowing you’ve still got baggage reclaim to go and to make it to resort.

However, you are now in the right destination and only a few moments away from dipping your toes into the clear waters or about to pop on your skis to enjoy an adrenaline filled holiday. Wherever you go, take lots of photos-they are only young once!

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